unitar. io
A contemporary web agency

We are a dynamic web development agency at the forefront of the progressive web movement.

We utilize a stack based on state-of-the-art web technologies, but keeping our eyes on the big picture.

We recognize that technology is means to an end, not an end in itself. Our comprehensive range of experiences in the field will propel your business to meet its end-goals.


Web Apps

We build applications for the web of the future.

Mobile Apps

Get closer to your users.

User Experience

We follow data driven user centered design principals.


Make your media buying about your customers.

AI & Machine Learning

Allow computers do what they do best.

Web Analytics

Make sence of your data.

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We make sure your web stack aligns with the GDPR requirements.

System Integrations

The web is complex, let us connect the dots the RESTful way.

Project Management

Get onboard on the digital transformation.

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JAYS Sales Academy

A sales incentives tool to increase engagement around the brand and deepen the knowledge of the products. Implemented in three thousand stores across the US.

# Ruby on Rails


Langoon (In progress)

A single point of distribution for books of all languages. Langoon cater to global demand for language publications whilst bridging a fragmented publishing industry.

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# Firebase

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Leading Talks (In progress)

A call recommendation engine powered by machine learning. It provides a list of actions suggested by predictive analysis of previous customer interactions.

# Angular

# Firebase

# TensorFlow

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